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We here at The Lady Garden are preparing our outfits (boots! false eyelashes! masses of cleavage!) and wondering how much champagne we can sip in the grotto before the event. So, in case you ahve missed some of the reportage, I thought I’d do a round-up of SlutWalk posts we’ve enjoyed. Obviously, there are others, some of which made us repeatedly bang our heads against the wicker furniture (bought specifically because it hurts less), but I haven’t included them here. If you’ve got a piece you’d like to add, have at it in the comments.

Amanda Marcotte has an open invitation to the Garden, where there will be petit fours and delicious things in champagne saucers.

Seriously, if you only read one thing about SlutWalk, make it this.

“Without attacking the root cause–people thinking that sluttiness is bad and that it’s okay to harass sluts and ignore violence against them–no change that the “sluts” themselves make can ever be enough.”

Another FAQ.

“Of course, this ends up just reaffirming the same structures that pit the good girls vs. the bad girls.  Slutwalk is about saying to hell with all that, and saying that if one of us is a “slut,” then we all are. “

More from Amanda Marcotte.

“Today, you can call us that name, but we will not Shut Up….This is not hyperbole….There’s a word for all of this. And it’s bullshit.”

Jaclyn Friedman at Boston SlutWalk. (So powerful.)

“Besides, taking part in what looks like an endless “vicars and tarts’ street party is not just bad-ass. It’s fun.”

Germaine Greer on the march.

Bob McCroskie, as so often happens, misses the point.

Julie at The Hand Mirror takes on his Bobness.

“My baggy scrubs will not protect me if a rapist decides that they need to dominate and hurt someone and I am there.”

Scuba Nurse on how it’s not the clothes.

“Does he actually believe that, in certain circumstances, men can’t – or at least, can’t be expected to – control their sexual behaviour? “

A great post from The End is Naenae (also, a fantastic blog title).

“Depressing that we need to walk this way; triumphant that there’s enough of us still enraged to do it.”

Sex lies and slutwalking.

And of course, you can find all the info you need, here.

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  1. Julie May 18, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Thanks for the linky love 🙂

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