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For your weekend reading pleasure: some posts and articles we came across during the week. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the selection – it’s just things we enjoyed. Or didn’t enjoy. And truth be told, this is not even a week’s worth… we only thought of doing a weekly link post last Thursday, so the selection may be a little thin this week.

Feel free to add your own links in comments. One link per comment is probably best, otherwise our spam filter gets uptight.

“Art that objectifies women is the default, and so to create anything else becomes an radical act.” – Simon Carryer on the battle to get non-sexist art for his game.

Facebook’s COO says women need to close the ambition gap.

A fantastic quote from Tallulah, about, well, apples.

Teen feminist Lessons to be Learned writes about rape: when someone decides to rape, it isn’t a mutual decision.

More on teens, authour Karen Healey on teenage sexuality and why it’s not ok to shame anyone.

So much fail in just one column: Gail Dines on How the hardcore porn industry is ruining young men’s lives

The News with Nipples has a fine collection of merkins.

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