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Friday Activist – Winona Stevenson

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I believe that while feminists and Indigenous women have a lot in common, they are in separate movements. Feminism defines sexual oppression as the Big Ugly. The Indigenous women’s movement sees colonization and racial oppression as the Big Uglies. Issues of sexual oppression are seldom articulated separately because they are part of the Bigger Uglies. Sexual oppression was, and is, one part of the colonization of Indigenous peoples.

Winona Stevenson

This quote is taken from an article written by Rhonda Johnson, Winona Stevenson, and Donna Greschner. The particular words quoted are Winona Stevenson’s. I read the quote in Ani Mikaere, The Balance Destroyed: Consequences for Māori Women of the Colonisation of Tikanga Māori, Mana Wahine Thesis Series, Auckland International Research Institute for Maori and Indigenous Education, 2003. I have previously quoted a section from this book here: Friday Wahine Māori – Ani Mikaere.

Rhonda Johnson, Winona Stevenson, and Donna Greschner, “Peekiskwetan”, Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 6(1), 1992, pp. 153 – 173

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