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Our weekly round up of things we enjoyed. Or didn’t enjoy. Feel free to add more links in comments.

On dealing with sexual harassment in the tech industry. And The Wellingtonista has a discussion of a local conference with few women.

A woman scorned. Lolz.

Good forbid Gail Dines ever gets the “just society” she’s looking for. (Thanks to one of our delightful readers for pointing us at this.) (Also, it’s NSFW) (And trigger warnings for severe rage.)

Australian blogger ultra-hedonist on the curious pre-occupation with what men want.

Some very basic maths. (Because we’re ladies, and we clearly suck at maths.)

TLG favourite Amanda Marcotte on how anti-choice rhetoric is simple misogynism.

You’ll notice that the world didn’t start to end on the 21st. Here’s Slate on what happens to a doomsday cult when the world doesn’t end.

The Gillard government is getting all welfare-reformy. Here’s Australian blogger Fuck Politeness telling it like it is w.r.t. the new single parent education programme.

Something completely different: Micro origami – tiny sculptures unfolding in water due to capillary action. Very restful watching. H/T Tigtog at Hoyden about Town

More small things: check out some of David Winter’s pictures of bugs in his backyard, and other places: one, two, three.

And because it’s Friday, and the garden ladies are a little fed up of rape apologism and other crap, here, have a picture of a tiny ginger kitten, and a gorgeous patent black high heel.

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