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Things we found interesting on the internet this week:

Via friends on Facebook, 6 socially conscious actions that only look like they help (thank you, Julie), and War of words, or being a woman in cyber-space (thank you, tigtog).

At last – the truth! Science reveals evolutionary origins of gender stereotypes NB: for the literally minded, this is satire.

Hexpletive’s contribution to a panel on The Diversity of Femme.

Any femme can tell you that being constantly read as the wrong sexuality (as people insist on reading us as straight) is a disempowering and invalidating experience. Being told again and again by the people you experience as your peers and potential love interests that your gender presentation and your sexual orientations and kinks are incongruent, even if it’s not blatantly stated, can make you question yourself. It can lead to low self-esteem about those leanings. It can make you feel like you’re doing either your gender or your orientations incorrectly.

Saudi women driving. And doing it for themselves.

In this context, this speech by Houria Bouteldja is a salutary reminder: White women and the privilege of solidarity. (H/T: Deb’s cousin Anne, on Facebook)

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