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Quickie – MvB has his knickers in a twist

Martin van Beynan wrote a silly piece on Slutwalk: Models to offer our daughters.

Tallulah and Emma responded: Models? We’ll give you models.

And MvB has written another piece in response, ‘though we note that he has done so without the courtesy of a link. (Basic net etiquette for newbies, Martin: if you are responding to someone’s argument, it’s polite to link to it, so that readers can see the arguments for themselves.)

I think the title of his latest effort says it all really.

Yes, I expect my wife to keep her pretty little mouth shut.

2 responses to “Quickie – MvB has his knickers in a twist

  1. tallulahspankhead August 3, 2011 at 9:54 am

    What’s strange about that column is that MvB does nothing to address the complaints that we made, except to reiterate his point. He calls me out on victim blaming, despite clearly having no understanding f what it is, based on the rest of the piece.

    For what it’s worth, my point about Cinderella wasn’t blaming her for anything, merely pointing out her unsuitability to be a role model.

    But what really irks me about the column is his absolute disdain for victims. He has the “temerity” to call Emma touchy over rape. I don’t think that’s funny or clever. It’s despicable. Is he suggesting that we should stop caring so much? That someone who has been raped, and wants to stop it happening to other people, wants to stop the fallacies around attire and drunkenness and sluttitude and the correlation with rape is making a career out of being a victim?

    Of course, he trots out the normal tropes about a “perfect world” completely missing the point that women are not pieces of meat or cars. And despite having, I suppose, done enought research to find out Michael Sanguinetti’s name, he still doesn’t get that SlutWalk was never about our right to dress as tarts.

    You’re right, Mr van Beynen, you are not worthy of me. For a start, I like men who can actually write.

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