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Things we have found around the internet this week. Not so many this week, I’m sorry, because various Lady Gardeners have had stuff happening.

More pretties – the year’s best astronomy pictures, from New Scientist.

Extremely triggering for relationship violence, but a brilliant and thought-provoking read: “I Can Handle It.”

Hollaback Wellington is launching. This is another fantastic initiative from the Wellington Young Feminists Collective.

Following up on some of the issues discussed in this post about the pay equity gap, here is some evidence from a trans man about how he was treated when he was a woman, and how he was treated when he was a man. The original article is in Nature. If you have access to a university library, you should be able to access the original. Public libraries tend not to hold it: Wellington City Library had a subscription but cancelled it about four months before the article came out, and as far as I can tell, Auckland City Library doesn’t hold it either. But there’s nothing to stop you from walking into a university library and reading it there. There is a media report about the article here: FtM researcher reports bias in science. From The Age in 2010, an article which covers some of the material: How the sex bias prevails. Some of the comments on the article in The Age are very nasty, to women, and to trans people. I (Deb) strongly advise avoiding them.

I (Deb) had an opinion piece published in the Dom Post: Welfare system should err on side of compassion.

An oldie but a goodie: The Large Hadron Collider Rap

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