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Things we liked, or didn’t like, on the internet this week.

Running between the continental plates. From Penguin Unearthed, who is travelling the world with her partner and their two lads this year. She’s also writing a fantastic series at her personal blog on the notable women of history that she is coming across in her travels.

Totally fucked up doesn’t even begin to describe this new book: A diet book for six year old girls.

Benjamin Law writes on the use of the word “gay” as a pejorative:

This is why I cringe whenever straight people use “gay” as a derogatory term, especially when it’s clear they’ve never met a gay person in their life. It’s not so much offensive as embarrassing, like seeing a spotty white teenager wearing a FUBU outfit and calling his friend “nigga” when not a single black person lives within a 50 kilometre radius.

Dorothy Dentata on privilege, kyriarchy, and discrimination in LGBT circles.

A really interesting, nuanced article about SlutWalk in Costa Rica: what went wrong, what went right.

What do you mean when you say you want strong female characters? (I (Emma) have always wondered this, because it often seems to mean “flawless women who never need help and never feel sad”, and that seems like Bullshit.) Also, we’re all about the Starbuck Love.

More on hating on people – a fascinating post about bogans and hating bogans while pretending to like them: Maliciousness in memes: #boganmovies and #tightsarenotpants

Myths about rape, on Stuff. The article could be triggering. Not many comments there yet, but check out the first one for sheer ignorance. I’m (Deb) getting a mental image of a guy sticking his fingers in his ears and singing loudly, over and over again, “I won’t hear you. I won’t hear you. I won’t hear you.”

Some pretties from FoTLG Megan: Fabulous dresses in an exhibition at Te Papa. Megan has already bagsed the green and gold one, and Isabel wants the pretty rosy one, so I’m (Deb) settling for the brilliant blue dress.

One response to “Sharing the love

  1. MJ August 20, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Hang on, can y’all actually understand what that first comment on the Stuff article is saying? Because I’ve read it several times now and am genuinely confused.

    Oh, and I saw those dresses when I took my mama to Wellington a couple of weeks ago! I’ve got my eye on the one on the right in this picture 🙂

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