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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week. With apologies for the late posting – I’ve been teaching all day.

Headline: Girls talk too much. Actual research: a minority of boys are “relatively more likely to expect that talking about problems will make them feel “weird” or be unproductive.”

From Danwei, A Brief History of Chinese Porn. Pictures are NSFW.

Mansplaining and attention-getting and sexism in culture by the brilliant Sady Doyle:

The point of listening to women and feminists is to listen to women and feminists. Because if you listen to them, you might start to understand certain basic points, such as: Women do not automatically have to accept you as an expert, particularly not when the subject under discussion (sexism!) is something you’ve never experienced first-hand. Women do not have to make you “comfortable” and “welcome” in every single conversation. Women do not automatically have to grant you a space in their discussions, on their blogs, or in their lives.

And a response from Alyssa Rosenberg.

So it turns out, according to science, bisexual men are real and everything. Who knew. Oh, yeah, they did.

Annie Sprinkle is looking for volunteers to fill in a survey on sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships.

So seriously, why aren’t there more women in science? – Opinions from leading scientists. They identify various factors, but there’s one thing that absolutely all of them identify as being important.

What kind of arseholes think it’s okay to body police a three year old child? Warm brown rice and grilled vegetable salad.

It’s spring. Have some daffodils.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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