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Coming early this week, because I’ve got a frantically busy day tomorrow.

Because women out enjoying themselves, without men, must, simply must, be brought to their senses: My Dinner with Carol, Julie, Lyn and Hannah – or How a highly-paid attorney hijacked a pleasant evening. (H/T: Dr Cat)

Classics : Lady and the Tramp (1955) and Benji (1974): How Disney (and others) teach children that living in a nice suburban home beats living free in the city.

Reclaiming the m-word: mothering

Stadlen distils mothering down to two styles … “Spartan” (routines, making your child fit in with social expectations) and “Athenian” (listening to your child, understanding them).

Hey lady? Why does courtesy have to have anything to do with gender at all? Couldn’t you just teach your child to be polite to everyone?

One response to “Sharing the love

  1. Draco T Bastard September 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    How Disney (and others) teach children that living in a nice suburban home beats living free in the city.

    I watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991) the other month and was disturbed by the portrayal of life. Baking bread, raising cows/pigs and growing the wheat etc etc were all “boring” and so the young heroine didn’t want to do any of that. Her father was an inventor and she didn’t want to do that either. She read books (fantasy in fact) from the bookseller who amazingly enough supplied them free of charge because she was a nice person and nobody else read them and dreamed of a nice knight in shining armour and being “more” than what the village was.

    She meets the Beast who is actually a Nice Guy (although troubled) and is also prince (although we don’t know what he’s a prince of as he’s been locked in his castle for decades doing nothing). Then, through heroic self sacrifice the beast saves the damsel in distress, returns to human form and they marry.

    The final scene in the movie is of a highly polished ballroom with elegant people in elegant gowns dancing with loyal servants (doing everything they’re told without question) catering to the elegant peoples wants and needs. Apparently more in this case is being elegant and having servants while doing nothing.

    And we wonder why our society is falling apart. Perhaps it’s because we put the wrong values on things.

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