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Courtesy of DPF, a list of people who have been part of The Panel on Radio NZ’s Afternoon Show with Jim Mora in the last month or so. DPF is interested in political diversity, so he divides the people into right leaning, left leaning, and unknown. He comes up with 7 right wing people, 19 left wing people and 11 unknown.

I’m interested in diversity too, and the particular type of diversity that concerns me is gender diversity. So here’s DPF’s list of people, grouped by gender.

1. David Farrar
2. Neil Miller
3. John Bishop
4. Sam Johnson
5. Stephen Franks
6. Matt Nippert
7. Martyn Bradbury
8. Jeremy Elwood
9. Simon Pound
10. Duncan Webb
11. Brian Edwards
12. Mike Williams
13. Gary McCormick
14. Tim Watkin
15. David Slack
16. Chris Trotter
17. Don Donovan
18. Finlay MacDonald
19. Gary Moore
20. Scott Yorke
21. Tony Doe
22. Graham Bell
23. David McPhail
24. John Dunne
25. Chris Wikaira
26. Richard Langston

1. Joanne Black
2. Michelle Boag
3. Deborah Hill-Cone
4. Michelle A’Court
5. Anna Chinn
6. Islay McLeod
7. Liz Bowen-Clewley
8. Irene Gardiner
9. Rosemary McLeod
10. Ali Jones
11. Jane Clifton

Hmmm…. I’m spotting a slight lack of diversity there. Only about 30% of the guest panelists are women. So, Jim Mora, and Radio NZ, how about making a bit of an effort to get some more opinionated women on the panel? I’m sure there are plenty to be found.

As for other diversities, I could find only one obviously Maori name on the list. My guess is that there is more than one Maori panelist, but I can’t tell from names alone. And I would be willing to bet good money that there aren’t all that many Maori appearing on the show as panelists. Or Pacific Islanders, for that matter. I wonder if Radio NZ and Jim Mora would consider approaching someone like Tapu Misa to appear on the show? Or Anjum Rahman?

Update: Following a comment from David Slack, I did a quick count-up using the Radio NZ Archives. Counting yesterday (Wednesday 12 October) and working back to and including Tuesday 13 September, I found that DPF had omitted Jock Anderson, Richard Langston, Bruce Slane, Peter Elliot, Peggy Ashton and Linda Clark. Michelle Boag appeared twice, as did DPF, and Neil Miller. So in all, there were 30 male guests, and 13 female guests. In terms of appearances, there were 32 appearances by men, and 14 by women. So yes, there have been other women appearing on the panel. But if we take the last month as representative (and yes, I know there could be issues around that), then no matter how we massage the data, there’s a something like a 2.3:1 ratio of male to female panelists.

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