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Ms Naughty has an extract of an essay called  “Pornography’s Effects: The Need for Solid Evidence”, published in the journal Violence Against Women (full essay downloadable through the link). It’s heavily critical of the methods of people like Gail Dines and the lack of solid evidence for their claims. Luckily, there is some good research on porn coming through shortly.

Yet another excellent blog on what sex-positivity actually is:

Instead, sex-positivity is the belief that sex and sexiness are… okay.  It’s the belief that people shouldn’t be judged by the sex they have.  It’s the belief that consent matters and social norms do not.  It’s the belief that porn and erotica are valid media of expression (not that the current porn industry is hunky-dory, cause it’s not) and that sex work ought to be just work (not that it currently is).  It’s the belief that neither “slut” nor “prude” should be an insult.  It’s the belief that every sexual and gender identity is valid.

Liandra Dahl asks some very good questions about fisting and censorship. (Link possibly NSFW)

A post I (Deb) don’t agree with, for long and complicated reasons, but in the first instance because I think it creates a caricature to argue against. I’d be interested to hear what other people think about it. Why “Choice Feminism” is an Illusion (With Bonus “Lost” Analogy).

On what happens to some women in rural India: Wife sharing haunts Indian villages as girls decline. I (Deb) recommend reading this post about the story on Feminist Philosophers: Patriarchy.

Who was that masked bearded man? How the incredibly risque (for the time) illustrations in The Joy of Sex came to be.

Another day, another lament about all those poor, forgotten, left-on-the-shelf single women, this time from Kate Bolick at The Atlantic: All the single ladies. A great response from Clarisse Thorn at Feministe: Marriage, Singledom, Social Evolution, and that Kate Bolick piece in “The Atlantic”. And another response from Amanda Marcotte, writing at Slate: “Marriage Market” Theories Leave Love Out of the Equation.

What’s interesting about these non-stop media musings about how women are getting to be “too good” for men—again, disproven by the research!—is that one specific area where women probably are getting pickier about who they date is getting overlooked. Call it the “feminism gap,” if you will; as women gain more economic power and self-esteem, their willingness to put up with a bunch of crap from men is declining rapidly. We see this in ways big and small, including the fact that women are more likely to sue for divorce than men and some research indicates that the “hook-up culture” that causes so much anguish may have partially developed as a way for women to get laid without going through demeaning and sexist romantic rituals.

Vintage shoes:


We wants them, precious!

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