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Election Day links! ‘though no political links given the Electoral Commission rules.

Nora Roberts on romantic fiction:

There is, she says, “more than a streak of misogyny” in the way romance is viewed. “All some people see is the big R and dismiss it. But I’ve made my career on my own terms and that doesn’t necessarily suit the likes of the New York Times book review.

Pickled Think has a lovely post about her changing relationship with Anne McCaffrey’s writing: Anne McCaffrey.

A wonderful article on the early days of Ms Magazine:

The magazine, despite its flaws, provided so many words that had been missing. So many silences finally broken. Ms. changed lives, changed attitudes, helped to create and change laws, policies, practices.

Bob McCroskie doesn’t want us to focus on women when we talk about domestic violence. How about this, then Bob?

In Tuvalu, half the females surveyed lost their virginity in forced sex. In Samoa, 46 per cent of women are physically abused, and up to 8 per cent are beaten unconscious by their spouse. In Fiji, 66 per cent of women have been physically abused by their partners; 26 per cent were beaten while pregnant. And in Kiribati, 68 per cent of women have been physically or sexually abused.

And Tiger Beatdown’s Flavia reminds the UN that violence doesn’t just happen against cis-straight-able-bodied women.

New blogger Ursa makes a great point about headlines: Unimportant headline information.

Talking of newspapers, Annanonymous is blogging again at The End is NaeNae. Check out her post about women ruining everything in the world according to Stuff.

And this week’s pretty: Yes I’ve voted!

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