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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Why, why, why, are beer companies such sexist douches? I mean, clearly, this is a “let’s create an outrage to promote sales” case, but still. For fuck’s sake.

Hadley Freeman in The Guardian takes on the American obsession with single women and the actual marriage market.

Bad Astronomy looks at gender differentiation in science kits in How Not to Market Science to Girls.

Giving Thanks: Teen Pregnancy, Sex Abuse, Rape all Decline. So why are people so keen to believe that the situation is getting worse and worse?

As online safety expert As online safety expert Dr. Larry Magid says, there’s an epidemic of good decision-making about sexting—practically no kids do it. “It’s important to acknowledge that NOT sexting is “normal,” he says. Otherwise, we’re practically begging kids to join the “everyone’s doing it” mentality, turning a false perception into an accurate one.

The ladies get all het up about Siri, and her inability to cater to women. (Fair warning, the comments are…problematic.)

If, like Tallulah, you’re a roller derby fan, well, there’s lots on for you. The NZ team is in action at the first ever international tournament in Canada. You can track their progress, and watch games live here. And, closer to home, if you’re in Wellington, Richter City has a double header tonight, in The Fright Before Christmas. Come along!

Via PickleMeThis, FoTLG Amanda Fitzwater’s tumblr, a look at a Minnesota study of weight and diet.

One of the most notable implications of the Minnesota experiment is that it challenges the popular notion that body weight is easily altered if one simply exercises a bit of “willpower.”

I’ve got the forty-third Down Under Feminists Carnival up at my other place.

It’s summer, officially. That means strawberries and cherries and later on, gooseberries. Yum.

Still life with cherries, strawberries and gooseberries

Image source

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