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Sharing the love, on Sunday

Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Interesting nativity sets. I (Deb) think the rubber ducky one is the best, ‘though the kitty one isn’t too shabby either.

TRIGGERING FOR RAPE A long, thoughtful and mostly excellent (with occasional bursts of dickishness) discussion on reddit: I’m a Male Who’s Been Raped by a Female.

Sex By Numbers: Polyamory, Sex at Dawn, and The Ethical Slut.

What to call women? If only they’d all get together and agree what’s more offensive: Ladies vs Girls. (Site NSFW)

Even writers at Forbes get it: Why we need to stop bemoaning the end of men.

It’s true. We want our men smart, but not cocky. Protective, but not patronizing. Driven, but not a dick. And we also want him to help us out when we’ve got an eight pm meeting and there are kids that need to get fed. In other words, we want a decent human being to pick up the slack where we can’t, provided we pick up the slack for him. Seems like a reasonable trade.

So why is asking for equality, the “end of men?” Why is asking our partners to be partners emasculating?

Something pretty: vintage shoes.

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