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Sharing the love on New Year’s Eve

We Lady Gardeners have been otherwise engaged this week, so the links round-up this week is, shall we say, limited. However, dear friend of The Lady Garden Megan has been flying the feminist flag on National Radio (we are SO proud of her).

Megan talks about some of the issues she and fellow feminists have been talking about in 2011, with a focus on the ‘slutwalk’ movement.

Or download the podcast: Ogg Vorbis / MP3 – 8’47”.

In other must-reads, check out Kate Harding’s post: You are awful, too, and Greta Christina responding to the same incident: Why “Yes, but” is the wrong response to misogyny.

SkepticLawyer is in fine form on vaccination: Vaccination saves lives.

This week’s pretty:


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