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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the Internet this week.

On undies, and why on earth can’t women’s undies be as gloriously comfortable as men’s from PickleMeThis.

From The Guardian (ie Don’t Read the Comments), Women Can Be Independent and Intimate: a look at changing paradigms of relationships.

Young women need to know that intimacy doesn’t have to be a casualty of autonomy, and that sometimes it actually develops as a result. Just as young people need scientifically accurate sex education to keep them safe, so we need accurate relationship education to keep us sane. In order to move forward constructively, we need a multiplicity of relationship models to inspire and reassure us.

An Asexual Map for Sex-Positive Feminism. There are (ironically) some generalisations in this post I (Emma) find difficult, but as a resource it’s invaluable. The links and the discussion in the comments really highlight the variety of perspectives in asexuality.

Here at The Lady Garden, we love Tallulah Bankhead. And so does Echidne. Tallulah Bankhead and Blogger’s Block

Remember back when Jezebel was a great resource and interesting and challenging, not doing whatever it could to get page views? Like picking fights with B-list celebrities and posting photos of (possible) rape victims?

Something for the Sherlock fans to think about. And actually all consumers of media – that ‘strong über-women’ characters aren’t the only ones that matter.

Some poetry for your weekend: Ten responses to the phrase man up.

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