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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Zuska sets out the rules for being a working mother: The Working Mom Issue: It Depends.

Embodying gender differences at Sociological Images. Do click through and take a look at the photos: they’re fascinating.

My (Deb) friend and colleague, Cat Pause, appeared in a 20/20 story about fat positivity. If you didn’t see it when it screened, you can watch it here: Activists spread fat positivity video – 13.30 minutes.

Just exactly why is it funny to laugh at fat people? Also, check out the very first comment for a case in point.

More on body image: Ursa has a d’oh moment.

Take a look at the people testifying at a Congressional hearing on contraception in the United States: Those who oppose insurance coverage for contraception.

Something pretty: Coley’s beautiful rainbow cupcakes. I (Deb) liked the look of them so much that I made some for Cat’s 20/20 watching party on Thursday evening.

Coley's cupcakes

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