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One day to go before the big changeover to the give way rules…

Women are not like cats. No, really.

“Why are there so few women in technology?” You realise that perhaps part of the answer might be: because there are so many men.” Or: How not to handle accusations of sexism. Incidentally, Geeklist has apologised, such as it is. They could perhaps benefit from this post about how to apologize.

A letter on Pennsylvania’s proposed trans-vaginal ultra-sound bill, from a woman who knows what she’s talking about:

Trans-vaginal ultrasounds are invasive, having had them during three pregnancies, I can attest to this, and by the text-book definition, forcing this is government-sanctioned rape.

Your Saturday (sort of) funny. Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves. Be kind, people.

Personally (Deb), I’m counting down the hours until I can see the movie of The Hunger Games. I’m very grateful to my eldest daughter for persuading me to read the book and its sequels. I loved them. Should you be in a similar hours-counting-down state, you can always while away the time by reading Coley’s review of the movie: Tonight I watched The Hunger Games. Be warned that her review is chocka with spoilers, ‘though personally, I thought that was a good thing. Via the lovely Tallulah’s tumblr, a great post from big fat feminist on 4 things The Hunger Games can teach us about the war on women.

The travelling gnome project, at New Scientist. It’s a serious scientific project, sending an object (the gnome) all over the world and weighing it in different locations, to show that gravity varies around the globe. Why a gnome? Well, as the gnome project website says, “The perfect test-subject [because] Gnomes are already accustomed to travelling the world.”

Something beautiful: look at this amazing photo of the Awatere Valley taken by Wellington photographer Phillip Capper.

Autumn in the Awatere Valley

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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