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Do you like parties? Do you like not oppressing people based on their gender?

Then have we got an event for you!

[Image: event poster with text “Wellington Young Feminists’ Collective First Birthday Party. Featuring Sophie and the Realistic Expectations, Lisa Tomlins and Ricky Boyd + Disasteradio. San Fran Bath House, 8 April (Easter Sunday) 9pm $10]

This time last year, we launched the Collective to a huge crowd at Wellington’s Good Luck bar. People wore their glad rags, there was an amazing band and we danced our asses off together.

Since then, our first year has been pretty jam packed. Some people have liked us, some people have not. We’ve held self-defence classes, fundraised for local organisations, launched Hollaback! Wellington and held the only candidate’s forum of the 2011 election focused solely on women’s issues. We’ve also been proud to get behind a range of issues including joining the voices against Libra’s transphobic bullshit, SlutWalk, and helping one of New Zealand’s most badass ladies get proper recognition.

Our main mandate remains providing a platform for people to learn and share information on gender equity in New Zealand. We’ve grown to over 1000+ people, and have agreed, disagreed, laughed our asses off and absorbed a whole lot of knowledge in the last 12 months. Our birthday will be about celebrating that and bringing in our second year with a bang.

We would LOVE to have you along,  and the party is open to all, so come and enjoy some amazing local bands and let loose with us! You can sleep in the next day, and most of the Lady Gardeners will be there with bells on!

5 responses to “Do you like parties? Do you like not oppressing people based on their gender?

  1. tallulahspankhead April 3, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Oh, pfft, darling. I am not wearing bells. I will be wearing my best dress and some kickass heels though.

  2. Emma April 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    So happy I’m going to be able to be there. Though given a boy talked me into it, possibly not the shiningest example of the feminiminism.

  3. Deborah April 3, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Can’t make it. Too Much Family. Too Much Work. I shall have to sit at home and sulk instead. With bells on.

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