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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Taking the Christianity out of sex. How many of the things we tend to assume are ‘natural’ are actually culturally constructed?

Thanks to the exhaustive efforts of anthropologists like George Murdock, Douglas White, and dozens of others who contributed to the Standard Cross-Cultural Survey, I can tell you quite emphatically that there is no uniformity of human beliefs about sexual behaviors across cultures and from an early point in time.

On the Pintrest problem. Or, how to make your feminism social media friendly. (For my – Tallulah – part, there’s way, waaaay, too much fat-shaming and pro-ana stuff on Pintrest for it to be a particularly woman-friendly space.)

I (again, Tallulah) fully intended to write about SlutWalk, but I ended up feeling somewhat out of spoons. But QoT has a roundup for your SlutWalk-related needs.

She also has a brilliant post on truthiness and abortion.

I (Deb) had vague thoughts of writing about SlutWalk too, and I might still get around to it (who knows!), but in the meantime, I had a great time marching with Tallulah and my fabulous 13 year old daughter, and other Friends of The Lady Garden. A big shout out to Lady Gardener commenter Tamsin, who came over to say hello because she recognised my red shoes. And Tallulah? I’m still thinking about that saying of yours about red shoes.

Here’s a post that’s worth spending a bit of time reading and thinking about. From Clarisse Thorn: My Mon’s rape story, and a confused relationship with feminism. The story is triggering. Be careful, especially if you’ve had to deal with creepy stalkery people, or with an abusive partner or ex-partner. (And have I [Deb] mentioned how grateful I am to Emma for introducing me to Clarisse Thorn’s writing?)

Blue Milk has a great post about the time she broke the P&C (equivalent to PTA in NZ) meeting. And she has a brilliant post on attachment parenting and feminism.

And because I (Deb) need somewhere to grumble about this, and there seems to be a bit of a conversation in NZ about parental behaviour at school sports games, I would just like to say to the parent from the other school who was watching her daughter’s netball team thrash my daughters’ netball team this morning, that it is never, ever acceptable to call ten year old girls “little bitches.” As in, she said things like, “Go get the little bitches.” Repeatedly.

On that cheerful note, have a pretty. Actually, this is not so much a pretty as something that fascinated me (Deb) when I came across it, because I had always wondered how a sewing machine actually works.

How a sewing machine works


Feel free to add your own links in comments, and to treat this as an open thread. And hopefully the Lady Gardeners will be back in form a bit next week. We’re all a bit low and / or tangled up in various things at present, because of reasons. It will pass….

5 responses to “Sharing the love

  1. Moz May 26, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    the first blue milk link is actually to the previous rape story. Should probably be

  2. Annanonymous May 28, 2012 at 7:34 am

    The netball stuff makes me sick to the stomach.

  3. tallulahspankhead May 28, 2012 at 7:35 am

    And Tallulah? I’m still thinking about that saying of yours about red shoes.

    To be fair, I was quoting someone else. But I hope you have lived up to it at some point.

    That Clarisse Thorn post is brilliant.

    And the sewing machine gif comes up in my Tumblr feed about once a month. I have lost large chunks of time staring at it. It’s mesmerising.

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