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Review: The Lulu Sessions

Remember last year when we reviewed Too Much Pussy from the Outtakes Film Festival?

Good Times.

This year, I watched something completely different. Something less….well, exuberant might be the right word.

The Lulu Sessions is the story of Dr Louise Nutter, a cancer researcher, and her battle with cancer. And her relationship with the filmaker, Casper Wong.

When I asked a friend what I should see from outtakes, she said “The Lulu Sessions. You’ll love Lulu. But don’t watch it when you’re happy. Or really sad.”

And she was right. I did love Lulu. It’s hard not to love a woman who, in the midst of chemo, when she’s asked what she’s doing replies. “I’m smoking. And Drinking. And Swearing.” She’s a woman after Tallulah’s heart. She’s also incredibly complicated, hard to love, more than a little messed up, and completely brilliant.

And she’s dying. I got about twenty minutes into the film before I started crying. Watching someone call their family to tell them they have cancer is hard enough, but the touching “I’m not going to cry…fuck….FUCK” moment made even this dried up old battleaxe reach for the tissues.

The relationship between Casper and Lulu is fascinating. They don’t know, and it feels like at some point, they give up trying to decide what they are to each other, and just try to figure out how to support each other through operations and crises and hair loss and family fighting and the constant knowledge they’re going to lose each other.

It’s the story of two women, but it’s a universal story. So. Go see it. But as my friend said…don’t go when you’re happy. Or when you’re sad. Take someone you love. Or, at the very least, someone who will give you a hug and light your cigarette at the end. You’re going to need it.

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