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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Charlie Brooker on depictions of women in gaming. (I – Emma – think he’s over-simplified this a bit. I remember being able to play perfectly fine female characters in games like Gauntlet and Golden Axe, and adventure games like Day of the Tentacle often made you play some scenes as some pretty interesting women. But the lack of progress point stands.)

Related – on not Putting Up with the trolls – in gaming, but that “what did you expect” defence is blatant victim blaming, and one would hope calling it out isn’t just applicable there.

Not Just for Kids Any More – The Pervocracy on the effects of trying to control teenage sexuality.

So much of the discourse about birth control, about abortion, about sexually explicit media, about STIs, even about sex ed, assumes that everyone who has sex is a teenager. Should we have subsidized birth control because it’ll prevent teenage pregnancy, or ban it to discourage teenage promiscuity? I don’t know… let me ask my 40-year-old married aunt who uses birth control! Should we allow abortion so girls don’t become teenage mothers? Yo, I can’t afford to become an adult mother!

Girl on the Net On Jealousy.

There’s a FSM-almighty dust-up going on in the sceptical / atheist blogosphere over sexual harrassment of women, and dudes FSM-given right to hit on women, and whether or not conferences should have harassment policies and how they ought to be enforced. There’s a timeline here: Harassment policies campaign – timeline of major events. It’s… complicated. But not so complicated that there is ever good reason for threatening a speaker at a sceptics conference, to the extent that she decides that she ought to pull out of her speaking engagement. In amongst the discussion and counter-discussion, a couple of great posts about the extent to which women are responsible for being sexually harassed, and raped. The first is a comment from Amanda Marcotte on Greta Christina’s blog, which has been turned into a guest post: I have never once seen the victim go without being called a liar. And you know that old canard about women just being sensible and locking their bodies up because they are just like cars? Here’s a story about the theft of a car: Misogyny, the skeptics’ movement, and grand theft auto. Along the lines of these two posts, the Lousy Canuck worries about the hyper-skepticism stalling the conversation about harassment.

Despite all the agonising conversation, Greta Christina thinks that there is cause for hope: Why I have hope: Atheism, sexism and blowing up the internet.

The wonderful Jill on Choice, and having it.

…social change has been actively impeded when it comes to gender equality, primarily by men but also by a culture that now puts “choice” (but really a highly-constrained set of very gendered choices) ahead of progress and equality

It’s winter. Have some chocolate self-saucing pudding. Recipe here.

Richly brown chocolate self-saucing pudding, with cream. Yum yum yum.

Feel free to add links in comments and to treat this as an open thread.

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