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Sharing the love (late to the party edition)

Damn! I (Deb) completely forgot to put up our weekly links post on Saturday. I’m blaming a preoccupation with (1) cooking up a storm for a dinner party that night; (2) doing our tax returns; (3) a work issue that is taking up a fair amount of my emotional space at present; (4) getting a huge task completed at work last week, which is great to have done, but unfortunately in no way mitigates problem 3; (5) launching a blog at my workplace last week, to serve a particular community there. I’ve been…. busy.

So, think of this as a Tuesday lunchtime quickie. Hopefully our usual service will return this coming Saturday. And on that note, this article was clearly written for me: The Busy Trap.

Girl on the Net (yes, again) on Foreplay:

It got me thinking about the word ‘foreplay’ and how misleading and flawed it is as a concept. Foreplay traditionally describes something which is the precursor to sex. But what is sex?

If you can get through this tribute to Nora Ephron by Lena Dunham without crying, you are a harder woman than Tallulah.

The European Commission really and truly fucks up trying to get more women to become scientists.

Anne Else put a link to her doctoral thesis on her blog, and I have been dipping into it and reading it ever since. It’s good. As in, obviously academically good, but also good in terms of thining and reading some academic feminism. You can get to the thesis via the post on Anne’s blog: Somewhere near the end, or you can download it direct: Anne’s thesis – ON SHIFTING GROUND: Self-narrative, feminist theory and writing practice – 1.6MB PDF.

Okay… back to busy. No time for anything pretty, I’m sorry.

One response to “Sharing the love (late to the party edition)

  1. Sandra July 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Thanks for this Deborah. I too am loving reading Anee Else’s thesis. The link to ‘The Busy Trap’ doesn’t work.

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