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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

The FSM-almighty stoush in the atheist blogosphere continues. It’s mostly about the intersection of feminism and atheism, and the suggestion from women that really, they ought not to be subject to sexual harassment at atheist events. This is apparently, a completely unreasonable request. tigtog has a great post at Hoyden about Town: on not buying into the LULZer playbook.

Via the fabulous Blue Milk, who is quoted in the article, a piece about mummy blogging: ‘Mummy Bloggers’: Taking Control or Being Patronised?

And while we’re on the topic of mothers, Clarisse Thorn has a discussion about wanting to have children: I’m Not Sure Why I Want To Have Children, But I Do. It’s a very non-judgey piece, making the point that some people want to have children, and some don’t, and that’s all there is to it.

The wonderful Lindy West on internet dating.

“Women: be willing to change yourselves to make men like you. Men: Be yourself and the ladies will find you. Because nothing’s as sexy as pointless and reductive gender roles”

Sandra at Letters from Wetville thinks about the horrid term, “rape bait”.

Rape bait.
Tonight in the supermarket I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time, a woman who has not been sheltered from much that is nasty in the world, a woman who I respect.
I was horrified when she used the term rape bait.

Over at The Hand Mirror, Luddite Journo thinks about Saying no to the All Blacks. NB: discussion of rape, and media and social narratives around rape, which may be triggering.

Let me (Deb) make a prediction. The sky will not fall when listed companies start reporting how many women they have on their boards and in senior management roles.

Tiger Beatdown on the glass closet, Anderson Cooper’s coming out, and why actually yes it does matter.

So when heterosexuals ask, “why does Anderson Cooper have to come out as gay,” I reply:“because you do not have to come out as heterosexual.”

A great column on Gamasutra about women in games and male gaze. Warning: watching the Tomb Raider trailer could be triggering.

Something pretty: check out the fabulous hats at FoTLG Megan’s blog.

Right… I’m (Deb) off to spend the day at a beach house, sitting by the fire, staring out to sea, and knitting.

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