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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Michelle at Fat Nutritionist on debate:

For me, this is also an emotional conversation, for reasons I mentioned above, but also because my beliefs about this issue are anchored to an immovable ethical conclusion that I have come to in my life: that it is not right to treat people poorly, or to afford them fewer rights, because of their body or appearance.

I’ve (Deb) always been interested in scepticism, and atheism, and general show-me-the-evidence-ness. So when Elevator-gate (for goodness sake, go and google it) blew up, I followed the wreckage. It has gone on and on and one: people in the sceptic and/or atheist movement seemingly completely unable to accept the idea that women are, y’know, equals. Rebecca Watson has a piece in Slate about it: It stands to reason: skeptics can be sexist too.

What I said in my video, exactly, was, “Guys, don’t do that,” with a bit of a laugh and a shrug. What legions of angry atheists apparently heard was, “Guys, I won’t stop hating men until I get 2 million YouTube comments calling me a ‘cunt.’ ” The skeptics boldly rose to the imagined challenge.

Sez it all.

Women as academic authors – which disciplines just can’t seem to get it into their tiny little minds that women can think too? (Lowest of the low…. all those great thinkers in Philosophy!)

tigtog has a new post at Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog, on the changing meaning of misogyny (helpful hint for Tony Abbott – you will need to recognise the fact that language changes over time).

On Stuff(!!!), an astonishingly sensitive piece on how not to talk about depression.

And, umm…, because usually I’m (Deb) not a fan of hers, Judith Collins gets it exactly right on breastfeeding.

And Blue Milk has another deeply nuanced essay about motherhood at Daily Life: Complaining about motherhood.

Another piece from Blue Milk, on her blog, about home birth: You don’t have to be a homebirth advocate to see that homebirth is a feminist issue. I (Deb) agreed with Blue Milk on this, but I thought it revealed some sharp contrasts between New Zealand and Australia. Home birth is certainly not de rigeur in NZ, but it’s common enough, and fairly well accepted, but it seems to be quite radical in Australia. Midwives here in New Zealand seem to have much more freedom to work with a birthing mother. BTW: I’ve had babies in both countries, and my NZ experience was much better, but that might just be because it was second time around in NZ.

Right. That’s it then. Back to work…..

3 responses to “Sharing the love

  1. tigtog October 28, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Thanks for the link love, Deb! (the link is a wee bit borked though – plz fix?)

  2. Draco T Bastard (@DracoTBastard) November 1, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Just thought this would be of some interest here:

    The spring of my sophomore year of college I was president of my university’s Students for Life chapter. The fall of my junior year of college I cut my ties with the pro-life movement. Five years later I have lost the last shred of faith I had in that movement. This is my story.

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