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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Twitter has introduced advertising targeted on a user’s gender! Isn’t that awesome?

Edward Chen listed real tweets that help differentiate women from men, and nobody came out looking good. Not women, not men, and not Twitter for looking for gender in such stereotypical places; and for missing some of the sad ironies of the gender signifiers it pointed to with an implied, “Eureka! I’ve found it!”

Penny Red on having it all.

We have no reason to be grateful. We have every right to want more. We have a right to want everything, including not being morally and financially attacked by bigots in government with a business agenda every time they want to distract attention from their own fuckups. We have every right to demand more than this.

(trigger warning) At this point, one has to wonder why someone in the leadership of the Republican Party hasn’t told all their candidates to Shut Up about rape, and pregnancy and women’s bodies being disposable political tools. I mean, aside from the fact that they are pandering to the right-wing nutters and shielding their leaders from having to espouse their own views. Anyway, Shakesville on “the rape thing” and don’t forget ladies, it probably actually IS your own fault.

Some more on abortion. The first one is doing the rounds everywhere. It’s hardhitting, and deeply triggering, especially for people who have been raped, and even more so for people who have become pregnant as a result of rape. The post itself carries a trigger warning too, and the writer means it.

John Scalzi: A fan letter to certain conservative politicians

And Libby Anne has written a tremendous post on why she broke away from the pro-life movement: How I lost faith in the pro-life movement.

No one ever gets over being 13.

NewsWithNipples is putting together a hand list of snappy, and not-so-snappy comebacks for when misogynists strike: Actually… how to respond when you see some sexism happening.

Statement: Someone tells a joke in which the punchline is sexist, or involves someone getting raped.
Response: Reply, “I don’t get it”. And keep repeating this until they explain exactly how it’s funny. It’ll make them look stupid.

I (Deb) have a serious case of shoe envy. These gorgeous lime green shoes belong to my friend Belinda.

Belinda’s lime green shoes

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