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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Mostly, we liked the republican rape philosophers getting thoroughly trounced in the USian election, and we wrote about it on TLG. Plenty of American feminists had plenty to say about it too. Feministe has the details. Also, there are binders full of women making their way into the senate. Still a long way to go, but when one in five of the people in the US senate identifies as a woman, then being a woman in a place of power is no longer an oddity.

Political Correctness:

But in practice it is not an equal-opportunity sneer; it’s almost always wielded by those with more power in order to dismiss objections (to language, policies, or behaviors that harm or offend people) offered by those with less power, and thus to shut them up.

TLG crush Lesley Knope and Vice President Joe Biden? YES.

Clarisse Thorn talks porn, sex workers rights, censorship…, in fact all those things that can be problematic. This article is well worth your time, especially if you’re new to sex positive feminism.

Via my (Deb) cousin Anne, How to Pressure a Woman Into Sleeping With You.

Tom is probably a good guy. He probably sees himself as a feminist, as uniquely respectful of women. He probably didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, or that he was in any way pressuring her. But men need to consider the position they put us in when they ask over and over again if we want to sleep with them. When they smile and coyly promise to treat us well, to make us breakfast in bed even, if only we’ll come home with them. Men need to realize that they are not hearing the word ‘no’.

And some of Anne’s own writing, at Scoop: Gay Red Stop: John Key and homophobic language.

I’m marking… masses and masses and masses of exam scripts. So no pretties this week.

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