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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Girl on the Net on Turning Someone Down.

Erika Lust does an interview in Spanish Marie Claire where she talks about ‘what you tell your daughters’.

I will tell them that I am a writer and director of films, and that my movies talk about love, about men and women who desire each other, about passion and sex. And of course I have to tell them what sex is, but this isn’t just me, it’s all of the fathers and mothers in the world!

Top Five questions about the female orgasm. (While this article is sensible and useful, one wonders where all the “Male orgasm: Explained (lolz!)” articles are. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong websites. Relatedly (to genitalia).

The heartbreaking case of Savita Halappanavar and what happens when women’s bodies are simply chattels for others’ wishes.

A sentence I (Tallulah) never thought I’d read:

Two developments of the past few years make me think it is worth re-opening this discussion of the relationship between feminist politics and the referentiality of language: the feminist blogosphere and the lyrics of Taylor Swift.

A really interesting question.

“Something strange is happening to feminists. We’re winning.”

Prehistoric European figurines and pornography.

…So why do we think we can interpret images of naked women that were created in a completely different cultural context tens of thousands of years ago?

All your friendly lady gardeners are busy this weekend, so no pretty shoes, but have a great weekend.

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