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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

We’ve got a fantastic guest post here on The Lady Garden, which I (Deb) don’t want to get buried, so I’m linking to it here: Guest post: On harassment, conditioning and silencing. Content note: discussion of sexual violence.

The 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at News with Nipples. 55th carnival! Huzzah!! It has a great selection of posts from down under feminists.

How to behave to your non-primary partners: (TLDR: Don’t be a dick.)

Our society lacks roadmaps for how to conduct ongoing relationships of varying depth/commitment in this space. When you’re not just seeking casual sex, but you’re also not seeking someone to live, share finances, and potentially raise a family with (a primary partner), it can be very hard to figure out how to honor your own needs and boundaries while respecting others.

Nick Cave Dolls – a trip into the irony free surreal with Robyn.

And in the Oh Good Grief files, PZ Myers puts up a commemorative post about the Montreal massacre (that’s where a man who didn’t get into engineering school walked into the school with a gun and killed 14 women and injured 10 more, because they were women), and “12 comments in, the thread becomes about whether the particular rhetorical trope PZ used to point out the continued existence of misogyny was fair to misogynists…

Over at The Hand Mirror, Luddite Journo celebrates Wellington’s fair going queer.

It’s December. Time for Christmas trees.

Pohutukawa Trees at Cornwallis Beach

Pohutukawa Trees at Cornwallis Beach


So how has your week been?

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