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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Leading the week, the 56th Down Under Feminists Carnival, hosted by the fabulous Chally at Zero at the Bone. Chally has put together a tremendous set of posts by down under feminists – well worth your time making with the clickie.

Ouch! This has made me (Deb) think long and hard about my grammar-police tendencies: Literacy Privilege: How I Learned to Check Mine Instead of Making Fun of People’s Grammar on the Internet. H/T: BlueBec

Ms. Naughty talks about whether to call her work ‘porn’:

All the other things, the sexism, the dirty adult bookshops, the bad production values… they don’t haveto be what porn is about. That is bad porn. I want to make good porn. I want to take back the word from its unfortunate past and create something new with it. Even if that means I have to add extra phrasing – feminist porn, porn for women, new wave porn, female-friendly porn. The “p” word is what people type into Google every day. As long as we’re stuck with it, I want to own it.

What if we responded to sexual assault by limiting men’s freedom like we limit women’s?

A local coalition of religious leaders, concerned about recent studies showing that an average of 6% of men will commit a sexual assault during their lifetime, and that nearly all sexual assaults are committed by men on their own or in groups, are urging parents not to let their sons go out at night unless they are accompanied by a mother, sister, or trusted female friend.

Bob McCoskrie… marriage equality will lead to polygamy and THE WORLD WILL END! Blah-de-blah-de-blah. Click here if you really must read what he said. Or you could just read what our Coley said: On polyamory and marriage equality.

Something amazing, via Shakesville.

A new persective: Central Park, Manhattan

A new persective: Central Park, Manhattan

Story, and much bigger version of the picture here.

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