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Things we liked, or didn’t like, from around the internet this week.

Blue Milk has an excellent post on the controversy in writing about your children.

Julie Fairey of The Hand Mirror has a great column about the necessity of working to set a living wage in the NZ Herald: Pay fairly and all of society wins.

A comedian who gets it: misogynist jokes…. they’re not funny. And yes, we WILL send you straight to anti-feminist bingo if we need to.

Same old, same old, but with some data to back it up: “John” got better job offers than “Jennifer” despite having exactly the same qualifications. The data comes from science this time i.e. job offers to graduates in science who are looking for lab jobs. So much for “rational” and “evidence-based”.

Thank goodness for that! Via Feminist Philosophers, it turns out that looking at cute animal pictures increases productivity.

Something interesting to end the week. This somewhat stagnant looking pool of water? It’s Jacob’s Creek. I (Deb) took the photo this afternoon when we were on a day trip up the Barossa Valley.

Jacob's Creek

Jacob’s Creek

However, I could have spend much more time taste testing at Elderton’s cellar door – very yummy – and I was delighted to be able to go to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop. She has a fabulous set-up and have the chance to go there, I recommend it, thoroughly.

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