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Mansplain 2012

We in the feminist blogging business deal with mansplaining a lot. Many of us use a mixture of humour, sarcasm and the ‘moderate’ button to deal with these delightful side effects of Being A Woman with an Opinion on the Internet.

But sisters, brothers, friends, and Mansplainers from the planet Mansplain this year, we’re doing it different. The Lady Garden brings you: The 2012 Mansplain Olympics.

It’s pretty simple, submit your chosen mansplain using the form on this page, and each month, we’ll have a ‘Mansplain of the Month’, with a poll you can vote on. (You can see January’s submissions here.) That will result in 12 finalists for the winner of the 2012 Mansplain Olympics at the end of the year.

Get submitting! (Please remember, our normal comments policy applies. So, you know, don’t be a dick.)

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