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If you’re lesbian, why do you need a phallic device? If you’re lesbian, shouldn’t you just want the “raw prawn”, the “furry taco”, the “beef burger”, or whatever you want to call it? If you make the decision to become lesbian, are you not in a way eliminating that part from your life?

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Hugh, right here at The Lady Garden.

I realise I’m only addressing a part of what you said, Emma, but I find the term “sapiosexual” kind of meaningless. Contrary to what you and other users of the term seem to think, very few people are attracted to people they find stupid. You might disagree with their assessments of their partner’s intelligence, but that’s not really the point. Sapiosexuality is no more unusual than “pulchrosexuality”, eg, being attracted to people who are beautiful.

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Steve Phillips on FB – Boycott Libra until they remove their trans-phobic ad page:

“Also, that is nothing at all what gaslighting is. Gaslighting is a psychological trick where you subtly alter the ‘reality’ of a person until such time as they start to believe a reality that is of your own making. If disagreeing with people is now ‘gaslighting’ then the word has changed into something completely different.

the term actually came about due to the dim effects of gas lights being the reasoning why a part of someone’s reality had been altered, along the lines of “oh, no, that chair wasn’t really there, you must have imagined it due to the gas lighting”

Discussing things and debating logic are about as far away from gaslighting as you can get. Calling something illogical and then explaining why this is so leaves the other person open to challenge your own logical thought processes, and then we have a debate.

(of note – the words used in that article posted show the psychological nature of gaslighting. The words are designed to be non specific and emotion fueled (sp?) in order to make someone agree with an emotional argument (you’re crazy) rather than a logical one (that’s crazy because of X, Y and Z) – infact, someone that is serious about debating won’t ever use words that easily evoke emotional responses (like, it would be better to say ‘this an interesting argument but I believe it to be false because of X, Y and Z’)”

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